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Teacher Student Roster Verification
The New York State Teacher Student Roster Verification System allows teachers to view reported data for courses and sections. Creating a new account (user name and password) requires a PIN number, obtained from your building principal. Teachers who worked in any NY school district in 2012-13 have already created accounts and will not require a PIN. The login page includes links to follow for those with existing accounts who may have forgotten their user names or passwords.

Verification Survey:
This online survey is used for teachers to complete the verification process.
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Teacher Student Roster Verification Resources:
The following documents will assist you with the process and answer most common questions.
NYSED Teacher Student Roster Verification Report Page - Includes a comprehensive user guide, videos and other useful links.
TEACH System Resources:
The following links may assist you with the TEACH System login. FAQ, and help form. If your teacher name is incorrect in the Teacher Roster Verification System, you can update  via your TEACH Account. Instructions are provided below. You can report problems using the online help form.
Last Modified on April 11, 2014