• McKinney-Vento Act
    The McKinney-Vento Act is federal legislation, in effect since 1987, that ensures the rights and protections of children and youth experiencing homelessness. The purpose of the McKinney-Vento Act is to ensure that homeless children and youth are enrolled in and succeed in school.  The McKinney-Vento Act defines “homeless children and youth” as individuals who lack a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence.

    Students in the following situations may be entitled to additional support:

    ·         Living with other families or friends (i.e. doubled-up housing)

    ·         Living in hotels or motels

    ·         Living in homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, or transitional housing

    ·         Living in cars, abandoned buildings, parks, on the street, or other public spaces

    ·         Living as a runaway or in homeless youth shelters

    ·         Living in temporary foster care placement

    McKinney-Vento eligible students have the right to:

    ·         Attend school in the attendance area where they are currently living.

    ·         Attend the school of origin (the school they attended when they became homeless), or the school in which they were last enrolled.

    ·         Support enrolling and succeeding in school from the district McKinney-Vento Liaison.

    ·         Receive transportation to their school, if necessary.

    ·         Free school meals (McKinney-Vento Liaison will complete the application).

    More information can be found here at NYS TEACHS.