• The How To below is provided for Building Principals and Guidance Counselors to monitor and prepare progress reports. In particular, to list which student-teacher-courses have no comments.
    How to List Courses with No Comments to Prepare Progress Reports
    • Note 1: Middle / High Schools currently use progress reports with grades and up to 3 comments per course and are printed and mailed by BOCES and publish to parent portal.
    • Note 2: Middle / High Schools have some courses that do not require grades. Examples: AIS and Science Labs.
    • Note 3: Elementary Schools currently use progress reports with no grades and up to 3 comments and are published to parent portal only.
    In eSchoolData, to find courses with no comments:
    1. Click Academic > Performance > Marking Period Grade Search
    2. Select Grades: All Grades
    3. Select Marking Period: 05Wk or 15Wk or 25Wk or 35Wk
    4. Select Report Type: No Comment Report
    5. Click Excel icon to open excel
    6. In excel,
      1. press Ctrl-A to select all cells
      2. click pull down menu option DATA
      3. click Filter. This will cause data in each column to become categorized.
      4. Scroll to the right to the column labeled Selected Comments.
      5. Click the down arrow in the Selected Comments column, deselect Select All, click (Blanks)
        • This will filter the student-teacher-course with no selected comments.
    7. If there are any student-teacher-courses listed that required comments, inform the teachers listed prior to the closing of the teacher entry date in order for the teachers to complete progress report entry.
Last Modified on September 1, 2015