Lackawanna Public Schools

How To Submit a Technology Incident (Using Service Now Online Form)

Enter Service Now Application:

  1. Go to:

  2. Enter your Username and Password (your employee computer login) and click 

    (be patient as it takes a few seconds to run the application)

At this point you can either submit a Technology Incident or use the Service Desk Chat.

To submit a Technology Incident:

  1. Click

  2. Click

  3. Most of the form should pre-populate.

    1. If pre-populated information is incorrect based on your assignment for 2015-2016, notify the Personnel Office 827-6744.

  4. Enter Room Number or Location

  5. Enter Short Description (160 characters)

  6. Enter Additional Comments (add detail)

  7. Click

To use the Service Desk Chat.

  1. Click

  2. Click the X at the top right hand corner of chat window to close.

To Logout:

  1. Click

Last Modified on September 1, 2015