• Employee Computer Login

    Example Employee Name: Theodore Boces

    Example Employee Birth Date: 08/02/1965

    Username for Employees: “1820” + first letter of first name (lowercase) + first four letters of last name (lowercase) + day of Birth Date (in DD format)

    Example Username: 1820tboce02

    Password for Employees: “La” + Birth Date (in YYYYMMDD format)

    Example Password: La19650802 (for Theodore Boces with Birth Date 08/02/1965)

    Login (Employee) eBOCES Self-Service

    After first time login using Username: 1820FLLLLDD and Password: LaYYYYMMDD, follow the steps below to set your own password:

    1. Go to eBOCES Self-Service Center: https://login.wnyric.org/itim/self/jsp/logon/login.jsp.
    2. At the eBOCES Self-Service page, enter Username and Password, click Log In.
    3. Enter Current eBOCES Self-Service password (this is your current LaYYYYMMDD password).
    4. Enter your new password (see Password Requirements below).
    5. Enter your new password (confirm).
    6. Click OK
    Password Requirements:

    • Password does not contain the user's entire Account Name or entire Full Name. The Account Name and Full Name are parsed for delimiters: commas, periods, dashes or hyphens, underscores, spaces, pound signs, and tabs. If any of these delimiters are found, the Account Name or Full Name are split and all sections are verified not to be included in the password. There is no check for any character or any three characters in succession.

    • Password contains characters from three of the following four categories:

      • English uppercase characters (A through Z)

      • English lowercase characters (a through z)

      • Base 10 digits (0 through 9)

      • Non-alphabetic characters (for example, !, $, #, %)

    • Passwords expire every 180 calendar days and a new password must be set. New password must be unique and must not match any of the 24 previously set passwords.

Last Modified on September 1, 2015