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Praxair Engineer Astonishes LHS Students

Bill Owens, a mechanical engineer from Praxair Inc. presented “The Cold, Cold World of Cryogenics” to all Lackawanna High School students on October 16, 2015. He used nitrogen and oxygen cryogenic liquids to demonstrate the properties and the effects that cold temperatures have on materials and objects. Bill Owens has worked for Praxair for 31 years and uses his skills and knowledge to inspire students. His desire is to get students excited about science and math, leading to possible careers in these growing fields.
 Pictured front row: Jordan Rickard, Bill Owens, Jesse Jagger. Back Row: Claudia Skobjak, Ailana Omerspachic, Edward Bender, Mohsen Saleh, Tierra Cruz, Adam Albanna, Dennique Allen, Hannah Schumacher, Nasr Fadel, and Ehsan Rafique.

Lackawanna High School Students were encouraged by Bill Owens from Praxair to pick one of the “STEM” disciplines: science, technology, engineering, or math for a possible career choice.  Forty students participate in the Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) program offered by the Lackawanna High School. P-TECH enables students to begin their college and professional lives more quickly and with individual support from mentors and work-based learning opportunities. They are expected to graduate with an associate degree from Trocaire at no cost, along with the skills and knowledge they will need to continue their studies or step seamlessly into well-paying jobs in the Health Occupation Industry. PTECH is a program offered through the collaboration of Catholic Health, Erie 1 BOCES, Lackawanna School District, and Trocaire Praxair Inc.
 Praxair Ptech
Pictured front left to right are P-TECH students Claudia Skobjak, Edward Bender, and Ailana Omerspachic.  
Lackawanna High School student Jordan Rickard tests the Leidenfrost effect, during “The Cold, Cold World of Cryogenics” pr