Lackawanna City School District Board of Education

Meet the 2023-2024 Board of Education

  • Azaldeen Mohamed, President

  • Mohamed Munassar, Vice President

  • Mohammed Shawish

  • Shokey Albaneh

  • Michael Algawani

  • Kimberly Bukaty

  • Anthony R. Catuzza

Keith E. Lewis, Superintendent

Daniel Grant, Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services

Nadia Nashir., Assistant Superintendent 

Louis P. Violanti, Esq., School Attorney

Carl W. Morgan, Esq., Special Education Attorney 

Amber Illg & Ryann Rizzo, Board Clerks

McKinley School Administrative Building
245 South Shore Boulevard, Lackawanna, NY 14218
Phone: (716) 821-5610 ext. 7706
Fax: 821-5620

The Lackawanna Board of Education is elected by School District voters to govern the schools, implement District educational policies and provide leadership. Board members serve the District as community volunteers. They receive no compensation for their work.

The School Board as a governing body must carry out their duties and responsibilities within certain guidelines and regulations set forth by New York State Education Law, The New York State Education Department Board of Regents and prior judicial decisions. The Lackawanna City School District Board of Education can better represent voters and the interests of the District when members of the community attend Board Meetings, express opinions, ask questions and generally become involved in the decisions that affect the education of our children.