Bus Rules & Regulations

The Lackawanna City School District furnishes transportation to those students whose disability or distance from the school makes the service essential. Except as otherwise mandated in a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP), riding these buses is a privilege and may be withdrawn if the student does not comply with the rules and regulations set forth in this District.

Bus drivers shall be held responsible for reasonable and acceptable behavior of students while riding the school bus. Students riding school buses are expected to conform to the rules of conduct in order to permit the bus driver to transport his/her passengers safely.

The Board of Education, the Superintendent and/or his/ her designee has the authority to suspend the transportation privileges of children who are disorderly and insubordinate on buses. Generally, parent(s)/guardian(s) will be required to make alternative transportation arrangements for their children who have been suspended from riding the bus.

If a student with a disability who receives transportation as a related service as part of his/her Individualized Education Program is being considered for suspension from transportation, and that suspension would effectively result in a change in placement, the student shall be referred to the Committee on Special Education.

The board directs the administration to establish rules and regulations for student conduct on buses, including applicable due process rights to be afforded students suspended from transportation privileges. These rules and regulations shall be promulgated to all concerned, including the non-public and charter schools to which students are transported.

School Bus Transportation Notice:

Bus pick up and drop off times are only an estimate. They can be affected by weather, traffic and conditions outside of our control. It is suggested that your child arrive at the designated bus stop at least ten minutes before their scheduled time. Please be advised that students will only be allowed to ride their assigned bus at their assigned bus stop. Buses will only stop at designated locations. School bus drivers will continue on the route without stopping unless students are waiting at their approved bus stop location.

New York Education Department Law requires that all students be transported to and from a stop near their home address. Request for a bus stop change or adjustment should be directed to WNY Bus Co. at (716) 473-7077.  If the WNY Bus Company is unable to answer your questions, you may contact the district transportation office at 821-5610.

Bus Rider Rules And Regulations:

Parents are asked to review the following rules and regulations with their children. These rules and regulations are essential for the safety of your child.

• Absolutely no smoking.
• Absolutely no eating or drinking on the bus.
• Be on time - no fooling around at the bus stop.
• Stay in your seat while bus is moving.
• Keep your head, hands, arms inside the bus.
• Bus driver is authorized to assign seats.
• Follow instructions given by driver.
• Cross in front of bus - at bus driver’s signal.
• Talk quietly - be kind or courteous to others.
• Treat bus and equipment with care.
• Keep bus clean -do not throw trash on floors.

School bus transportation is a privilege that can be revoked if children fail to follow these rules and regulations. Drivers will turn in discipline reports for misbehaving school bus riders.